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CDTICentro Para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (Spain)
CDTICockpit Display of Traffic Information
CDTICommon rail Diesel Turbo Injection
CDTIClean Diesel Technologies, Incorporated
CDTICombatives Defensive Tactics International
CDTICommercial Driver Training Institute (Pakistan)
CDTICampus Desktop Technology Integration (Sprint)
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It has also recognized the challenge for CDTI to be an intermediate management body of the EMFF, designing specific instruments to support innovation and investment in the fishing and aquaculture sectors, while at the same time assessing very positively the complementary role of the transversal approach offered by the other CDTI programs.
3 CDTI ecoFLEX from 2011 was already extremely frugal with consumption of 3.
CDTI financing is focused on the continued development of two new MLS wind turbine pitch system technologies - the "Intelligent Actuator" for individual pitch control, and the "PX" Pitch system, an active pitch control system being developed to obtain the ideal angle of flow on the rotor blades to ensure maximum power output and fatigue reduction on wind turbines.
Additionally, CDTI has named chief financial officer David Whitwell as its new senior vice president of administration, with global responsibility for material management, distribution and human resources, as well as finance and accounting for both North American and international operations.
Instead of giving pilots a speed to fly at, CDTI would allow controllers to tell the pilot which aircraft to follow and what distance to maintain.
There is a reluctance to implement CDTI because of the procedural changes it would require for both air traffic controllers and pilots," Pritchett indicates.
The inclusion of the Denise project marks the second ENDESA-led project to receive support from the CDTI, underscoring the Company's firm commitment to R&D and to Spanish industry.
CSI will cease public trading upon closing, while CDTI will continue its listing on NASDAQ.
According to CDTI, the Platinum Plus FBC is capable of providing significant emission reductions from diesel engines and is formulated to improve the performance of after-treatment devices such as diesel-oxidation catalysts (DOC), partial filters or diesel-particulate traps.
6-litre CDTI ECOTEC diesel engine(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
EBB: CDTI & AIM: CDT/CDTS), developer of technological solutions to reduce harmful engine emissions, is pleased to announce today the win of its first UK commercial fleet contract for Platinum Plus([R]) DFX with Burgoynes (Lyonshall) Limited.
Clean Diesel" or the "Company") (EBB: CDTI & AIM: CDT/CDTS), a developer of technological solutions to reduce harmful engine emissions, today announces the appointment of Ann Ruple as the Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Administration of the Company, effective Wednesday, December 13, 2006.