CDTPCriminal Damage to Property (offense; various locations)
CDTPCooperative Driver Testing Program (Tennessee Department of Safety)
CDTPCounty Durham Tourism Partnership (UK)
CDTPChemical Dependency Treatment Program
CDTPCold Differential Test Pressure
CDTPCommission for Developing the Teaching Profession (Palestine; est. 2009)
CDTPConquer Due to Prosperity (gaming clan)
CDTPComputer Technology Documentation Project
CDTPCentral Dakota Tourism Partnership (Valley City, ND)
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CDTP was formed last April and is the first dedicated tourism organisation for the county.
It will also act as a natural partner for the Durham Attractions Group, consisting of leading visitor attractions, which was formed by CDTP in December 2006.
CDTP chief executive Melanie Sens-icle said: "The vast majority of the 18 million visitors to the county are daytrippers.
John Proctor, technical director of GTBS, said: "From using local food and drink at their events and putting a structured environmental policy in place, to simple things like buying recycled paper products, CDTP has really thought hard about the environment.