CDUSClinical Data Update System
CDUSColor Doppler UltraSonography
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Superb microvascular imaging (SMI) is a brand-new imaging technique based on gray-scale and CDUS imaging, which has been a research hotspot in these 2 years.
AngioPLUS is also an innovative CDUS technique focusing on visualizing slow vessel flows.
In our present study, we used CDUS to determine testicular blood flow and testicular volume measurements.
This technique is thought to be superior to CDUS since it can also reveal local hypoxia.
A total of 200 arterial segments were examined in the tibio-peroneal region and following were the observations (table no-3): Using CDUS, we were not able to delineate 6 arterial segments in the leg due to the gas gangrene.
Detection rate for grade-1 and grade-2 stenosis by CDUS and CTA is 55(28.
25] in their study found a specificity of 77% and a sensitivity of 96% of CDUS examination.
CDUS with microbubble contrast agent has been recently shown to be beneficial in diagnosis of sacroiliitis in light of detection of increased vascularity in inflamed joints.
Addition of CDUS may improve accuracy in distinguishing malignant thyroid nodules from benign thyroid nodules.
Conclusion: Prenatal diagnosis of UCEA by means of CDUS is intuitive and accurate.
Comparison of Imaging Results of Abdominal CDUS and Plain X-rays between Suspected Group and Definite Group: The difference of dilatation of intestine, reduced inflation of intestine and bowel wall thickening in suspected NEC group had no statistical significance.