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CDVCanine Distemper Virus
CDVCarte de Visite (small visiting card portraits)
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVCoverage Driven Verification (circuit design)
CDVCriminal Domestic Violence
CDVCar-Derived Van (UK descriptor for commercial vehicles)
CDVComcast Digital Voice
CDVCommittee Draft for Vote (International Electrotechnical Commission)
CDVCompressed Digital Video
CDVComité Départemental de Voile (French: Departmental Committee of Sailing)
CDVCordova, AK, USA (Airport Code)
CDVCore Democratic Value
CDVClutch Delay Valve
CDVCheck Digit Verification
CDVCooperative Distributed Vision (artificial intelligence)
CDVConcours des Vins (French: Wine Competition)
CDVCapacitor Discharge Vaporization
CDVComma Delimited Value
CDVCentral Drawings Vault
CDVConcept Demonstration and Validation (usually seen as CD/V)
CDVCredit/Debit Vendor
CDVConseil et Dépistage Volontaires du VIH (French: Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV)
CDVClean Diesel Vehicle
CDVCarma Data Viewer
CDVCache Delayed Verification
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To confirm whether CDV poses an extinction threat to Ethiopian wolves, we examined the effect of CDV infection on pack and population dynamics during 2 CD epizootics in BMNP and quantified their effect on the wolf populations.
Further, unlike Catalina, where CDV swept through the eastern portion of the island and apparently "burned out", golden eagles have been a continuous presence on the northern Channel Islands for over a decade (1994-2005) despite a vigorous campaign to live-capture and relocate the eagles (Latta 2005).
Swearer and Sommai not only emphasize the Bodhiramsi's ability to incorporate many different literary genres into the CDV, but also the complexity of the story's structure, literary devices, and ethical imperatives.
Researchers are still investigating whether the CDV killed other, less common cats, such as cheetahs, Munson says.
ABOUT CHILDREN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (CDV): CDV C Children of Domestic Violence C was founded in 2007 by Brian F.
Initially, CDV was not suspected as the causative agent of the monkeys' illness.
The Dutch team vaccinated six harbor seals with either a whole dead virus or a substance made from two CDV proteins that has been shown to prevent the disease in dogs.
This plan allows CDV Unlimited or Local with More customers to have access to 100 anytime minutes to Mexico for $4.
Within SNP, the terrestrial mammals that are susceptible to CDV include red foxes (Vulpes vulpes), stoats (Mustela erminea), weasels (Mustela nivalis), pine martens (Martes martes), beech martens (Martes foina), badgers (Meles meles), and bears (Ursus arctos).
8 -- all apparently healthy and without CDV antibodies -- 22 developed disease symptoms and CDV antibodies within 14 days, Osterhaus and Vedder report in the Sept.
Fortiva's CDV service ensures that every message in the archive is scanned for errors once a month to ensure the integrity of data even when it is stored for several years.
Martin, founder of CDV C Children of Domestic Violence C shares today on his blog a key question people must ask to get to the root of the issue.