CDVSCraven Domestic Violence Service (Skipton, England, UK)
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9 shows straight lines estimated based on true points of CDVS features that were extracted by means of RANSAC algorithm.
Table 2 compares the extraction results of SIFT, SURF, and CDVS feature extraction algorithms.
Table 3 shows the time that the entire image stitching process took when SIFT, SURF, and CDVS algorithms were used respectively.
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Based on the responses to the CDVS call for papers issued at the Torino meeting, (9) a test model under consideration based on product quantization (Gray and Neuhoff, 1998) was selected at the 98th MPEG Geneva meeting (Francini et al.
Figure 11 lists exemplar images of different categories in MPEG CDVS evaluation framework (Yuri et al.
However, context is not included into CDVS core experiments (Yuri et al.
Description of Test Model Under Consideration for CDVS.