CDWIChorus Directors Workshop Intensive
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In addition to Ehlinger, five other CDWI Franchisees have filed Demands for Arbitration over the past month, requesting to be released from their franchise agreements.
The California franchisees allege that CDWI sold them a franchise without the availability of the trademark, as they were threatened with a lawsuit by Compact Disc Warehouse of California over trademark infringement and forced to change the name of their stores by CD Warehouse.
Hearings should be scheduled early next year in the case, in which CD Partners seeks $7 Million in damages from CDWI.
The CDWFA had invited all franchisees, members and non-members, involved in the CDWI system to participate in the conference call.
It is quite obvious that CDWI is still not on the same page with franchisees when Chris Salyer speaks of 'positive sales trends' in his latest press release.
Boushka also stated that the recent filing of an arbitration demand against CDWI by Paul and Peggy MacDougall, members of the CDWFA, was a unilateral action taken by the MacDougalls.
This filing is the latest in a series of disputes between CDWI and its franchisees.
I suspect, in fact, that if you wanted to buy 100 stores or more tomorrow, CDWI franchisees would stand in line to sell out.