CDWPCentral Development Working Party (Pakistan)
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Out of three projects of the health sector, two were approved by the CDWP, while the third was referred to the ECNEC.
In Higher Education Sector, CDWP approved 05 projects, which included a Project for the Capacity Building and Up-gradation of Selected Departments at University of the Punjab worth Rs.
Other projects approved by the CDWP included Portrayal of Women in Media worth Rs.
A revised PC-I scheme for Saindak Project was submitted by RDC in May 1992 which was considered by Special CDWP on June 9, 1992 and by ECNEC on October 17, 1992.
The Senior Sindh Minister for Finance and Planning and Development Syed Murad Ali Shah while talking in the meeting said that this Sindh Provincial Road Improvement project has also been got cleared from the CDWP on August 31, 2015.
PC-II for Detail Design and Tender Documents was approved by CDWP in its meeting held on 27-
and the actual implementation and clearance by bodies such as EC/NEC; CDWP, PDWP, etc.
The Central Development Working Party CDWP considered 322 development projects in 15 meetings during 1st April 2014-31st March 2015 held in the Planning Commission.
Progress report of CDWP (Central Development Working Party) from April 2014 to March 2015 was also presented before the NEC and Planning Commission was authorized to publish the 11th Five Year Plan.
PC-II for Feasibility Study has been approved by CDWP on 17.
The CDWP meeting was held at the Planning Commission with Federal Minister Planning, Development and Reform Prof Ahsan Iqbal in the chair, which was attended by senior officers concerned of the relevant ministries, and representatives of the sponsoring agencies, provincial governments and special areas.
He said that this mega projects were approved in the 23rd meeting of CDWP held under the chairmanship of Mr.