CDWRChihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue (Texas and New Mexico)
CDWRColorado Division of Water Resources (Denver, CO)
CDWRCalifornia Department of Water Resources
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The CPUR metric estimates of pesticide use within 500 m were significantly higher than the CDWR metric for all six pesticides.
1) 2012 results include the CDWR legal settlements (2) 2012 results include transaction fees and asset write-offs; 2011 results include the impairment charge on investment
Table 12: CDWR - Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Conveyance System - California, Location Details
CDWR officials interviewed in June 2003 anticipate an increase in municipal demand of at least 2 million acre-feet by 2030, net of urban conservation savings.
Given the State's ongoing budget crisis and this opportunity at hand, you could direct the CDWR to enter into this new agreement without the CPUC's participation.
The settlements remain subject to certain approvals and do not resolve other ongoing litigation, including disputes with the CDWR, State of California, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
In the event that any of these contacts were to be terminated, CDWR would no longer be responsible for that supply and that power would need to be replaced by Pacific Gas & Electric.
Because the CDWR has already purchased a substantial amount of electricity on behalf of the state for many years to come, the remaining net-short amount of additional electricity SDG&E needs to buy is only a small percentage of the utility's overall estimated load forecast from 2003 through 2007.
The long-term contracts between the CDWR and a variety of energy producers have reduced and stabilized runaway power rates, while promoting the development of several thousand megawatts of new, clean efficient power plants, which will help California end its power shortage.
The expiration of the CDWR contract at the end of 2004 lowered the Western region results;
If California is in imminent danger of rolling blackouts, CDWR will alert BPA and the agency will determine what, if anything, it can do to help.
Under the agreement, CDWR assumes responsibility for SDG&E's full net-short position through 2002.