CDWSChamber of Diving and Water Sports (Egypt)
CDWSControl Display Work Station
CDWSConfiguration Documentation Work Station
CDWSConsumer Direct Warranty Services
CDWSCommon Defense Weapon System (US Navy crew served weapon)
CDWSCourse Development & Web Services (University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida)
CDWSCivil Defense Warning System
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Due to receding tourist activities over the past four years, the Ministry of Tourism stopped support directed to CDWS worth EGP 2m annually," said the official.
Mohammed criticised the tourism ministry for withholding support for the CDWS during the past four years, noting the CDWS carried out activities within the competencies of the Ministry of Religious Environment.
We are excited by the progress that has been made on the next five 250K CDWS rigs.
It will also allow the Trust to bundle the air underbalanced drilling equipment with its new patent pending surface recovery equipment, rotating flow diverters, and 250K CDWS rigs to provide a complete underbalanced drilling package.