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CEACConférence Européenne de l'Aviation Civile (French: European Civil Aviation Conference)
CEACCentre d'Etude des Arts Contemporains (French: Contemporary Arts Study Center)
CEACCompensatory Education Advisory Committee
CEACColleges of Education Accreditation Committee (New Zealand)
CEACCounty Engineers Association of California (est. 1914)
CEACCommittee for European Airspace Coordination (NATO)
CEACCentro de Estudios Ambientales de Cienfuegos (Spanish: Centre of Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos; Cuba)
CEACCenter of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry
CEACChemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
CEACCost & Economic Analysis Center
CEACClassified Employees Advisory Council
CEACConsulting Engineers Association of California
CEACCentro de Estudios de Aparejadores por Correspondencia
CEACCECOM Executive Advisory Committee
CEACCost Evaluation and Analysis Center
CEACComprehensive Estimate At Completion
CEACCabinet d'Expertise et d'Audit Comptable (French: Accounting and Auditing Expertise Firm)
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Among its recommendations, the CEAC has urged federal officials to direct the EPA "to develop guidelines and methodologies for states to identify the most impacted and disadvantaged communities.
This year's CEAC Award winners will be honored in Sacramento at the 2011 CEAC Conference Veterans Awards Luncheon on May 13, 2011, attended by representatives of state government, business and veterans organizations from across California.
C'est a bord d'un avion affrete par les Nations unies et sous escorte de la mission diplomatique de la CEAC (communaute economique d'Afrique centrale) que le chef de la Seleka, Michel Djotodia, a quitte la ville centrafricaine de Braia pour Libreville.
The CEAC for the MBHO versus FFS comparison does not asymptote to 1 as it is not certain that the MBHO model is more effective than FFS; although the mean incremental QALYs are positive, the CIs surrounding this estimate include zero.
The CEAC is a catalyst-mediated deposition model that successfully describes the filling of submicron features with copper, and is capable of predicting conditions that produce "wires" free of porosity and other defects.
This reflects exercises such as Canada's Green Plan (Canada, 1990), the CEAC Vision (CEAC, 1991) and the National Forest Strategy (CCFM, 1992), which embraces biodiversity and protected areas and new stewardship roles being accepted by First Nations, industry and other sectors.
etrials"), a global provider of integrated software for the life sciences industry, announced today that CEAC stockholders have approved the merger of the two companies.
The partnership with CEAC, signed in late 2013, marks an important development in ams' go-to-market strategy in China.
C'est hier donc que les 3 delegations, representant le pouvoir, l'opposition democratique et la Seleka, ont pris le chemin de Libreville pour presenter leurs revendications et debattre de la plateforme de sortie de crise qui fera l'objet de la reunion des ministres des Affaires etrangeres de la CEAC et du Comite de suivi de l'accord de paix de 2008, preside par le Congo.
The Continuing Education Approver Committee is preparing to educate the members of the CEAC about the 2013 ANCC Manual for applications for continuing education approval.
The CEAC provides the policy maker with the information he or she needs--what is the probability the new treatment is cost-effective at alternative values of the outcome of interest (or levels of willingness to pay) (Claxton 1999).
Others may soon have this opportunity, as an internship program has been developed within the CEAC at UA.