CEBACreative Excellence In Business Advertising
CEBACommunity Economic Betterment Account
CEBACompetitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 (US)
CEBAColorado Ethics in Business Alliance (Denver, CO)
CEBAColorado Environmental Business Alliance
CEBACertified Exclusive Buyer Agent
CEBACommunications Excellence to Black Audiences (award)
CEBACentre Bioacoustique Alpin (France)
CEBACatholic Education Business Administrators
CEBACenter for Engineering and Business Administration
CEBAChemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts
CEBACaucus of Emory Black Alumni
CEBAContinuous Electron Beam Accelerator (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
CEBACenter for Economic and Business Analysis
CEBAContemporary Economics and Business Association (George Mason University)
CEBACustomer-Enabled British Airways
CEBAColorado Elk Breeders Association
CEBACapital Expenditure Benchmarking Association
CEBACivil Engineering Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
CEBAContractors Employee Benefits Administration, Inc.
CEBACSP to EVCP Bridge Application
CEBACapitol Employee Benefit Advisors, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
CEBAChico Esquela Beisbol Association
CEBACost Estimate and Benefit Analysis
CEBACentral Employment Brokerage Association (San Francisco, CA)
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But there a more to CEBA than the accolades it doles out Under the leadership of Board Chairman Doug McLemore and Executive Director Peter Feather, the organization is hard at work to bring the message of high ethical practices to wider audiences.
Ron, of course, went on to manage, coach, train, matchmake and promote the sport and he has given the new CEBA his full backing.
Terrell: Associate Professor, Department of Economics, 2114 CEBA, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.
Spivey, 1994, CEBA of 1987 and the Security Returns and Market Risk of Savings and Loan Institutions: A Note, Journal of Banking and Finance, 18(6): 1205-1215.
Collective professional credentials include: CFP (Certified Financial Planner), RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), CEBA (Certified Estate and Business Analyst), CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor), CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CEP (Certified Estate Planner), JD (Juris Doctorate) and also a member of FPA (Financial Planning Association).
In a unique statutory explanation of legislative purpose, the Congress stated in CEBA that these limitations were necessary to prevent the owners of nonbank banks from competing unfairly with bank holding companies and independent banks.
A short theatrical piece in two parts, La ceba (literally "The Onion") was written in 1987 by the renowned playwright Jordi Teixidor (b.
Notably, however, CEBA exempted credit card banks and some other limited purpose banks from the new definition.
Although these bills were not adopted, 23B resurfaced a few years later in CEBA (Miles 1988, p.
Wigan Athletic have a strange claim to football fame, for last season they became the first football league club to field three Spanish players - Martinez, Diaz and Ceba - in the same team.
CEBA is needed, asserted Poneman, also an associate professor of accounting and Arthur Andersen Teaching Fellow at Binghamton University, because the "ethical core" of the accounting profession has come under close scrutiny in the wake of the explosion of litigation targeting accounting firms, the recession, the demise of Laventhol and Horwath, the savings and loan crisis and similar developments.
Aminoacidos sinteticos en la eficiencia de utilizacion de una fuente proteica (Vigna unguiculata) alternativa para pollos de ceba.