CEBAMBelgian Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (Cochrane Collaboration; Leuven, Belgium)
CEBAMCentre Biblique pour l’Afrique et Madagascar
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The Association CEBAM Digital Library for Health (CDLH vzw) writes an assignment of services to providing a total solution for the infrastructure, information technology, licenses and user management for providing evidence-based databases and scientific information: building a national medical digital library, to care provided through a secure access, on an individual basis, in Belgium access, e-Health and linked to the electronic medical record, to electronic publications on the Internet.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (GKSSI), United Nations Environmental Program, Exponent, Global Environmental Facility/United Nations Development Programme/United National Industrial Development Organization (GEF/UNDP/UNIDO), (EUROCHLOR); National Institute for Minamata Disease, CEBAM Analytical Inc.