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The CEBR report said that India is expected to "leapfrog" the economies of Britain and France in 2018, becoming the world's fifth largest economy.
The YouGov and CEBR survey of 6,000 people found the wider measure of consumer confidence across a whole host of areas had fallen to the second lowest level for years.
The YouGov and CEBR survey of 6000 people found the wider measure of consumer confidence across a whole host of areas had fallen to the second-lowest level for years.
Rob Harbron, senior economist at the CEBR said: "The North West will perform at the lower end of the range, in line with the North East and Yorkshire but behind the Midlands and the South.
The annual report issued by the CEBR, a leading economic consultancy in Britain, covers the 30 largest economies in the world.
The CEBR estimated that, in today's money, bookmakers have invested pounds 2bn in local economies over the last decade.
The CEBR also said that Russia moved up one spot in its league table to ninth in 2011, and predicted that it would rise to fourth spot by 2020.
Meanwhile, the CEBR predicted cloud adoption in the UK would drive the creation of 65,000 jobs (Au14.
The CEBR said cutbacks were a "certainty" whoever wins the election.
The CEBR said the rising price of Christmas was mainly caused by increased inflation on food and drink and static prices for imported consumer goods, which had fallen consistently in previous years.
Over 50,000 people in the UK are believed to participate in buying and selling online and the CEBR anticipates over GBP4bn of trading this year on eBay alone, the equivalent of 1.
We expect CEBR to continue profitable growth, helped by the sector recovery, although ROAE is unlikely to return to high double digits soon.