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Rob Harbron, senior economist at the CEBR said: "The North West will perform at the lower end of the range, in line with the North East and Yorkshire but behind the Midlands and the South.
The annual report issued by the CEBR, a leading economic consultancy in Britain, covers the 30 largest economies in the world.
The CEBR estimated that, in today's money, bookmakers have invested pounds 2bn in local economies over the last decade.
The CEBR also said that Russia moved up one spot in its league table to ninth in 2011, and predicted that it would rise to fourth spot by 2020.
Meanwhile, the CEBR predicted cloud adoption in the UK would drive the creation of 65,000 jobs (Au14.
Benjamin Williamson, CEBR economist, said: "Our research shows the public coffers stand to gain considerably more from City bonuses than City workers themselves.
The CEBR said cutbacks were a "certainty" whoever wins the election.
In addition, the CEBR reported that consumer confidence is heightened as the public realises they have items at home to sell, and said that certain specialist traders could enter national and global markets through the use of such sites.
The CEBR experts believe that improved quality management in service industries, such as the law, could also have added another 3.
Additional cuts were down to the impact of the euro zone crisis on banks, despite interventions in the past few months by the European Central Bank (ECB) to provide easy cash to lenders, the CEBR said.
But CEBR calculated the typical worth to be pounds 35,414, suggesting that people are undervaluing their possessions by pounds 13,937.
But CEBR said with just 130,000 new homes built in 2010, around half the level needed to keep pace with the growing number of households, prices should increase by 16 per cent between 2011 and 2015, the equivalent of a gain of around 4 per cent a year.