CECCMConfederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers
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CECCM Draft List of Agrochemicals with Tobacco MRL Where Established.
CECCM Scientific Working Group 4th Meeting at Staines, UK, on June 11, 1991.
Oliver Hoedeman, of CEO, recently complained to the Commission about BAT and CECCM for allegedly under-reporting their lobbying costs in the Commission register.
Imperial is also a member of industry groups such as ESTA, ECMA, and CECCM, he said.
This consultation is continuing but according to CECCM some trade unions have said they favour a ban at EU level while others say while they also want a ban, it should be done at the national level with no EU legislation at present.
Tobacco is not explicitly mentioned in the REACH directive so it may be a question for the Commission," said the CECCM spokeswoman.