CECERConstruction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACE)
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When developing CECERS based on ECERS-R (Harms et al.
The data presented here were included in a recent article of a comprehensive validation study on CECERS (Li et al.
Many CECERS items share the same name with the ECERS-R, yet their scoring indicators, criteria, and examples may be quite different.
To further ensure the cultural authenticity of the CECERS, the researchers solicited feedback from 176 Chinese expert practitioners (model teachers who were recommended by the local [DOE] to mentor other teachers) and directors, to review the content validity of the CECERS for Chinese kindergartens.
These raters implemented the trial version of CECERS during fall 2011, based upon the feedback from expert teachers and directors.
6 standard deviations loss on the CECERS quality rating, noting a substantial difference.