CECISCommon Emergency Communication and Information System (European Commission)
CECISCenter for E-Commerce and Information Systems (Seattle University; Seattle, WA)
CECISCenter of Excellence in Computer Information Systems (Dakota State University; Madison, SD)
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In-field, CECIS shares ongoing data updates run through the ERCC.
In addition to the Community action programme on civil protection, the EEA EFTA States participate in the interlinked Community Mechanism for Civil Protection, the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC), and the crisis communication system CECIS.
The global sum allocated to the programme this year is 5,010,000 (budget line 07030601) and will be divided as follows: 2,060,000 for large-scale exercises, 2,000,000 for training courses, 300,000 for the implementation and development of CECIS, 300,000 for the exchange of experts, 200,000 for the mobilisation of experts and 150,000 for conferences on lessons learnt.