CECODHASComité Européen de Coordination de l'Habitat Social
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The Nuts and Bolts of European Social Housing Systems', CECODHAS Housing Europe's Observatory, Brussels, 2011.
We are grateful for the work that CECODHAS Housing Europe did in lobbying for that change.
By coming together across Europe, CECODHAS Housing Europe represents the best in civil society contributing to a better social Europe, a better environmental Europe and a more cohesive economic Europe.
CECODHAS (1995), European Social Housing, Paris, CECODHAS.
This was a real problem for regions that had already pre-selected their projects," confirmed Julien Dijol, policy coordinator at CECODHAS.
CECODHAS Housing Europe, the federation of public, cooperative and social housing, is concerned about recent budget cuts that threaten the social housing sector.
That arbitration was denounced by CECODHAS President Paul Louis Marty, in a letter addressed to the regional policy and energy commissioners.
Participation of members of the study group "Housing and regional policy" (ECO) to the conference "Social housing: a tool for EU cohesion" jointly organised by CECODHAS and COR.
Representing social housing service providers, Claire Roumet from CECODHAS criticised the move to ban authorities from requiring that service providers only operate in their country (Article 14.
Information: Dominique Privitera, Secretariat of the Public Sector Section - CECODHAS - Tel: (+33) 1/4075 5005 - Fax: (+33) 1/4075 6817; e-mail: d.
Organiser: CECODHAS (Comite europeen de coordination de l'habitat social), Venue: Marseilles, Date: July 3-5, Information: Laurent Ghekiere, Directeur de la Mission Europe, Union Nationale Hlm, Delegation permanente Bruxelles, 1-2 avenue des Arts, B-1040 Brussels, Tel: (+32) 2/221 04 38, Mobile: (+33) 6 861 691 60, Fax: (+32) 2/ 217 66 12, E-mail: laurent.