CECOSCentre d'Étude et de COnservation du Sperme (French)
CECOSCivil Engineer Corps Officer School (US Navy)
CECOSColor Effect Composites (Merck KGaA; Germany)
CECOSContinental Electronics and Communication Systems (Pvt) Limited (Pakistan)
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Ever since, CECOS has undergone environmental remediation under close scrutiny by the U.
The team was headed by Dr Faisal from CECOS University, Peshawar, and was based on seven male and five female candidates selected from all over the country including areas of Swat, Waziristan, Mardan, Peshawar, Baluchistan and Karachi.
According to local media reports, the students are pursuing electrical engineering from CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences.
million from CECOS for the illegal disposal of toxic sludge in New York.
Para proteger este secreto, la tarea del CECOS consistia en emparejar al donante de esperma y al futuro padre receptor de tal forma que el conyuge esteril pudiera hacerse pasar por el progenitor del nino sin que este subterfugio se pudiese detectar con facilidad.
In 1982, the entire team of CECOS France created a Federation of all CECOS centers with the aim of bringing together their research results and improving the techniques used, initiating research targeted on fertility, representing themselves at the institutional level, and helping the centers in their everyday practice through specialist commissions.
The donation of gametes is possible without paying donors: Experience of the French CECOS Federation.
Louis Bujan Myriam Daudin CECOS Midi-Pyrenees Research Group on Human Fertility University Hospital Toulouse, France Christophe Pasquier Department of Virology University Hospital Toulouse, France
27) Because of Professor David's efforts, the CECOS (Center for the Study and Conservation of Eggs and Sperm)(28) was established in the early 1980s to harmonize and regulate the practices of all French sperm bank centers.
Currently, she is in charge of Synthetic Biology Department of CECOS University Peshawar.
So 'biology is the new digital', Dr Faisal Khan from CECOS University, Peshawar told his students as he explained the convergence of biology, computer science and engineering in synthetic biology.
Director CECOS University Sohaib, Secretary KP Football Association Basit Kamal, international footballers Qazi Asif, Atiq Shinwari, Jamshed Khan, Allouddin, Zeeshan, officials of the other participating teams, players and large number of spectators were also present.