CECPCenter for Effective Collaboration and Practice
CECPCountry Extended Code Page (IBM)
CECPConseil de l'Enseignement des Communes et des Provinces (Belgium)
CECPChina Energy Conservation Program
CECPCompatibility Engineering Change Proposal
CECPCampaign to Eliminate Childhood Poverty
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That interest in supporting education and training is reflected in the national CECP report, which attributes the growth in education donations to recognition by companies of the "pipeline" that exists from education to developing an available workforce.
Western Union, through the Our World, Our Family program, provides a remarkable example of how effective corporate philanthropy can be when it aligns with the core business," said Margaret Coady, executive director, CECP.
In the CECP survey, almost half of the companies expect their giving to be unchanged for 2012, while about two in five predicted an increase but a modest one, of less than 10 percent.
Although the CECP proposal would benefit from a more collaborative strategy for attaining fieldwide standards and credentialing and a broader vision of CEC education, it is without doubt the most thoughtful proposal for advancing the field currently in play.
In addition, CECP highlighted the company's focus on migrants and their families and its association with non-governmental organisations such as Mercy Corps to create scalable, sustainable programs, which aim to address the root causes of poverty, so migration can be a choice, rather than a necessity, for families worldwide.
While talking to the media in his chamber in the National Assembly, he said that the government would be responsible for delay in the CECP appointment as Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has not contacted yet in this regard.
Concerns DPOs are bound to obey the order of CECP and register the cases.
The CECP represents one possible solution to assuring quality in clinical ethics consultation.
03 billion last year, across a matched-set of 102 companies, according to CECP data.
Chief Election Commissioner Punjab has submitted an application in CECP office for registering the fraud cases against other five fake degree holders Members of Punjab Assembly including Rizwan Gill, Farah Deeba, Salmaan Mohsin, Aamir Waran and Badshah Qaisrani.
In November 2008, a working group of nationally recognized experts in bioethics and CEC convened to critique the project and advise the CECP on its products and processes.