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Em seguida, a autora focaliza o espaço dedicado à Fraseologia no CECR e, de forma particular, o tratamento que lhe é conferido na passagem entre os níveis, para, então, evidenciar o processo de aquisição das EF subjacentes ao documento.
The Centre is planning to hold more such workshops, and will be applying for CECR funding to train venture capital to focus on commercializing Canadian life sciences research in emerging and developing country markets.
The financing was achieved due to the success of the company's application to the highly competitive federal CECR programme.
CECR developed a series of interesting products: it conducted a survey of the electronic record keeping policies and practices in all the national archives that were ICA members, which encompassed about 190 countries and territories.
Merit pay" is an outdated term that typically refers to teacher pay based on principal evaluations, which have traditionally been rife with problems; (2) CECR suggests that when stakeholders, policymakers, and the media describe an alternative compensation system, they "use terms consistently.