CECSCollege of Engineering and Computer Science
CECSCandle Electronic Customer Support
CECSCo-operative Education & Career Services (University of Waterloo, Canada)
CECSComputer Engineering and Computer Science
CECSChronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome
CECSCenter for Embedded Computer Systems
CECSCentral European Congress of Surgery
CECSCenter for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences (Dartmouth)
CECSCommunity Education Computer Society (Namibia and South Africa)
CECSCenter for Energy & Climate Solutions
CECSCertified Expert Cloud Security (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CECSSenior Chief Construction Electrician (Naval Rating)
CECSCasualty Evacuation & Control Ship
CECSCommunications-Electronics Coordinating Section
CECSComputer Education and Cognitive Sciences
CECSClosed-Loop Environmental Control System
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We present a case of parkour-induced CECS that decompensated into ACECS during a short jog by a young patient with sickle cell trait and lower leg pain with an otherwise normal physical exam.
2,13,14,25) Factors contributing to CECS include fixed muscular compartment constraints, muscle swelling, thickened fascia, muscle hypertrophy related to resistance training, dynamic muscular contraction patterns, and low muscle capillary supply.
Assessment of the level of subjective anger, depression and anxiety in difficult situations Country CECS Poland Belarus N [bar.
Asi como, la participacion de las Universidades Estatales en los CECS, quienes han incorporado la experiencia de sus academicos a los procesos de seguimiento y asistencia tecnica, asi como a la transferencia e innovaciones tecnologicas.
Based on the history and the raised intracompartmental pressure, the diagnosis of CECS in the flexor compartment of the forearm was made and a fasciotomy was performed (Fig.
Repeated episodes of CECS may lead to compartment fascia thickening and concomitant fibrosis, which increasingly affects the ability to return to its normal state of yield (Birtles et al.
El director del CECS solo pago 18 mil pesos y pidio hablar con Alejandre para preguntarle por que habia aumentado el precio de los vestidos.
La revista <<Comunicacao e Sociedade>>, editada por el CECS (Centro de Estudos de Comunicacao e Sociedade) de la Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal), lleva ya una amplia trayectoria en la edicion de estudios sociales diversos.
The Technology Assessment Program is a unit within CECS with a librarian as an integral participant in their projects.
Meanwhile, Joseph Proctor, executive vice president for CECS (a division of Catalina), which has been testing electronic coupon clearing for two years, says that 130 stores are now in the test.
Following the March 2013 events, the CECS issued by BoC and Laiki were obliterated.