CEDECCommunity Economic Development and Employability Committee
CEDECCentro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Chuquisaca
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On both occasions, Toronto personnel met with the senior commander of the State Policia Militar, the senior commander of the Bombeiros, the head of the CEDEC, and a representative from the Municipal SAP.
The model represented by Toronto's emergency plan was received enthusiastically by the head of the CEDEC in Sao Paulo, Colonel Oswaldo de Barros, Jr.
This involved negotiation with the CEDEC, the Bombeiros, the COMDEC, and the Municipal SAP.
For its part, the CGE stands as the main coordinating body for all major events involving flooding, and works with the State CEDEC to initiate clean-up of affected areas.
As an event arises, the Centre informs both the State CEDEC and the regional administrations, both of which are mandated to initiate rescue and/or repair operations as required.