CEDETCollection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
CEDETCentro de Desarrollo Étnico (Spanish: Ethnic Development Center)
CEDETCenter for Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and Technology (Eastern Kentucky University; Richmond, KY)
CEDETCentro de Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica e Telecomunicações (Isel, Portugal)
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In the same way, the <<National Afroperuvian Movement>>, the juvenile group of the <<Makungu>> and the NGOs, such as CEDET constitute institutions that are evidence of the vital force of emerging institutions, based on affirmation of their own culture, within the social structures and ethnic frontiers, and the networks of power of our pluriethnic and multicultural country, with a prevalence for galloping occidental modernity.
Profesor Titular del Departamento de Economia de la Universidad Nacional del Sur; Profesor Titular de la Facultad de Micro, Pequena y Mediana Empresa, Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste (UPSO)- Bahia Blanca, Argentina Investigador Adjunto del CEDETS (Comision de Investigaciones Cientificas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires--UPSO)--Bahia Blanca, Argentina Doctor en Administracion y Direccion de Empresas, Universidad Rovira i Virgili