CEDFCommunity Economic Development Fund
CEDFCICS Execution Diagnostic Facility
CEDFConnecticut Economic Development Fund
CEDFConselho de Educação do Distrito Federal
CEDFCanterbury Economic Development Fund (UK)
CEDFCommon Expiry Date Fleet (Australia)
CEDFConstrained Explicit Declarative Format
CEDFCertified Economic Developer in Finance
CEDFCountryside Enterprise Development Foundation (Philippines)
CEDFConnecticut Economic Development Foundation
CEDFCorporate Experience Data Forms
CEDFCumulative Empirical Density Function
CEDFCommunity Economic Development Foundation
CEDFCanadian Environmental Defence Fund (Toronto, ON, Canada)
CEDFClean Environment Development Facility
CEDFClean Energy Development Fund (Vermont)
CEDFCanada Equipment Dealers Foundation
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CEDF members Sir Liaquat and Shakeel also spoke of the need to reach out to 'forgotten' children if there was to be any hope of Pakistan having a bright future.
At the end of the ceremony, all students and alumni of CEDF with noted singer Tina Sani, treated the audience to a melodious song that spoke of the desire to dream and reach one's highest potential.
CEDF (1997: 1) believes that it can be overwhelming for groups to find "the amount of time, energy, commitment, and funds required" and so CEDF works with selected organizations so they "will not be denied access to justice on the basis of cost alone.
CEDF chooses cases to support based on "the importance of the legal matter, ecological impact, and (the applicant group's) needs" (Mausberg, 1998a).
CEDF undertook fundraising and media campaigns to support the legal challenge.
CEDF is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing national assistance programs to support learning, teaching and improving the educational environment.
Over the next two years, CEDF plans to use the Dell grant to build 50 learning classrooms deploying ICT programs that will help with student-centric, project-driven, explorative and collaborative learning models.
Celebrating their 25th anniversary, CEDF held a seminar titled 'Education for Enlightenment and Better Job Opportunities,' at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture bringing together more than 400 attendees spanning the elite and the masses.
Speaking to the students of CEDF, he stressed on honesty and hard work, remarking that "It doesn't matter what profession you choose, but it does matter how you do it.
B&W PGG will continue with oxy-coal combustion research at the CEDF through the second quarter of 2008, next testing sub-bituminous, lignite and Powder River Basin coals.
The CEDF will be used to validate a technology called "oxy-coal combustion" that utilizes pure oxygen for the combustion of coal in electricity generating plants.
B&W will work with American Air Liquide to modify the existing CEDF facility for the oxy-coal process and will begin proving the technology in June 2007.