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CEDISCanadian Emergency Department Information System (healthcare)
CEDISCentre d'Etude de la Documentation et de l'Information Scolaires (French: Study Center of School Documentation and Information; est. 1972)
CEDISColorado Economic Demographic Information System (Colorado Department of Local Affairs)
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However, she claimed her employer refused to send her home unless she could provide them with 18 million Ghana Cedis (BD582).
The average acceptable price named by respondents was 450 cedis (GSMF 1999).
She worked five days in a week from Monday to Friday and she used to earn 15 thousand cedis (about 1 GBP) for every bag of flour she used.
2013 Currency conversion date for UK pounds, Australian dollars and Ghanaian cedis Thursday, 23 May Last date to trade ordinary shares cum dividend Friday, 24 May Last date to register transfers of certificated securities cum dividend Friday, 24 May Ordinary shares trade ex-dividend Monday, 27 May Record date Friday, 31 May Payment date Friday, 14 June
Nana regularly earned between 600 and 1,000 Ghanaian Cedis (US$300- 500) as her monthly insurance cover, and was able to cover her own life and that of one family member: her father, Eugene.
Ghanaians can buy 'mi-Life', a life insurance product, for one to five cedis for the policy holder and his or her next of kin.
We want to make the insurance services as affordable as possible for people, and hence the premium service varies from 1 cedi to 5 cedis ($0.
The price of a small parcel of cannabis (the size of a loaf of bread) in 2006 was approximately cedis 100,000-150,000 ($10.
Investment in fixed assets was measured in millions of Ghanaian Cedis (at the time of the study one US dollar was equivalent to 2300 Gbanaian Cedis).
In April, the average price for a bucket of water, which used to be 400 cedis, was raised to 800 cedis (US$1 equals 7,000 cedis) to comply with the Bank's required "prior action" for accessing the structural adjustment loan approved in July.
Niamatu Mary Ibrahim, 13, saves an average of 28,000 cedis (pounds 2.