CEDMCognitive Engineering and Decision Making
CEDMControl Element Drive Mechanism
CEDMCentre for Educational Development and Media (UK)
CEDMCommunity Economic Development Model
CEDMCustomer Engineer District Manager
CEDMCentralized Energy Distribution Model
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CEDM Appearance of anatomic, non-anatomic structures
performed a retrospective review of 110 CEDM cases conducted at our institution to evaluate the appearance of various anatomic and non-anatomic structures and artifacts in each subtracted image.
11, 12) Conversely, the subtraction image on CEDM can yield various appearances of the nipple.
Lymph nodes show various degrees of enhancement on CEDM images whereby the enhancement is not necessarily indicative of pathologic characteristics.
Enhancing skin lesions--Skin lesions with increased vascularity, especially cherry angiomas, can demonstrate contrast enhancement on CEDM images and mimic cancers.
This variation depends on a demetal function that is intrinsic to CEDM software (Hologic, Inc).
Air gap and other high-attenuation artifacts--In our experience with CEDM, the most common artifact results from an air gap.
In a CEDM examination, caution is critical to prevent contamination.
No reporting method for high-energy subtracted CEDM images has been established.
The next section in the CEDM report describes the findings on the subtracted image.
This is something we also learned in a separate-reader study--if you don't see enhancement on CEDM, then you cannot use that to exclude malignancy," Dr.
Interpretation of the images was done first without the CEDM images, then with them.