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CEDOCommunity Economic Development Opportunity (Canada)
CEDOCentral European Design Office (Czech Republic)
CEDOCommission for Economic Development in Orem (Orem, UT)
CEDOCommunity and Economic Development Office (Burlington, VT)
CEDOCentre for Educational Development Overseas (United Kingdom)
CEDOCommunity Economic Development Organization (Canada)
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In CEDO jurisprudence regarding the right to access a Court of Law, it seems relevant the decision given in the case The Catholic Church from Khania c/c Greece (1997), (28) in which the petitioner complained about being the victim of discrimination on religion.
Enurezis ve kontrol gruplari arasinda CEDO dikkat eksikligi puanlari anlamli farkli bulundu (sirasi ile 4,2[+ or -]2,3 ve 2,8[+ or -]2,7, p=0,02).
CEDO Executive Director Monte noted that most funding for agenda priorities comes from federal sources, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Community Development Block Grant.
Visitors to CEDO have access to the beach next to the marine research center for excellent tidepooling and wildlife viewing.
Although six seats, veto power, some leverage over the direction of economic development with CEDO, and Sanders' colleague Terry Bouricius as president of the Board of Aldermen give the administration an edge, it is narrow and slippery.
About half of that is under consideration for renovation for housing or additional commercial space, said Owiso Makuku, waterfront development and housing coordinator for CEDO.
Go about 2 miles to the CEDO sign on the right; from there it's 2 more miles.
Other local incubators include the Miller Business Innovation Center, the Orem Technology Center at CEDO and the Southeastern Utah Business and Technical Assistance Center in Price.
Greatest Contribution to Entrepreneurs - Brad Whittaker of CEDO