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CEECivil and Environmental Engineering
CEEConsortium for Energy Efficiency
CEECommunauté Économique Européenne (French: European Economic Community; est. 1957)
CEEComunità Economica Europea (Italian)
CEEConverged Enhanced Ethernet
CEEConferencia Episcopal Española (Catholic Spanish Bishop Conference)
CEECenter for Executive Education
CEECenter for Economic Education
CEECentre d'Études de l'Emploi (French: Centre for Labor Studies)
CEEConjugated Equine Estrogens (estrogen used in Estrogen Replacement Therapy)
CEECenter for Excellence in Education
CEECenter for Environmental Education
CEECommission Économique pour l'Europe (French: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
CEECouncil for Environmental Education (UK)
CEECentro de Estudios Europeos
CEECreatine Ethyl Ester HCL (dietary supplement)
CEECentral East-European
CEECertificat d'Economie d'Energie (French: Certificate for Energy Conservation)
CEECentre d'Etudes Européennes (French: Center for European Studies)
CEECentre d'Etudes de l'Ennéagramme (French: Center for Studies of the Enneagram; Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)
CEEComité d'Expansion Économique (French: Economic Expansion Committee)
CEECollaborative Engineering Environment
CEECommission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEECentre d'Entrepreneuriat et d'Essaimage (French: Center for Entrepreneurship and Spin; University of Quebec at Chicoutimi; Canada)
CEEInternational Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEECentro de Estudios Ecumenicos (Spanish: Center of Ecumenical Studies; Mexico)
CEECommittee on Engineering Education
CEECentro de Engenharia Elétrica (Brazil)
CEECentre des Enseignantes et des Enseignants (French: Teachers Center; Canada)
CEECaptured Enemy Equipment
CEECollaborative Enterprise Environment (USAF)
CEECommercial Equivalent Equipment (Army)
CEECentre Électrique Entreprise (French: Center Electric Company)
CEECompagnie Européenne d'Exportation (French: European Export Company; est. 1989)
CEECentre d'Etudes des Entreprises (French: Studies Center for Enterprise)
CEECatholic Engaged Encounters
CEEConditional-Expectation Estimation
CEECombat Enplacement Excavator
CEECentro de Estudos da Eletricidade (Brazil)
CEECommunication Electronics Element
CEEConfort et Économies d'Energie (French: Comfort and Energy Savings; Sommières, France)
CEECenter for Entrepreneurial Education
CEECrystal Enantiomeric Excess (chemistry)
CEEComplex Electronic Element
CEEConference on Electrical Engineering
CEEChina Education Expo
CEECherepovets (Russia)
CEECollabNet Enterprise Edition (software)
CEECentral and Eastern Europe
CEECivil and Engineering Environmental (various schools)
CEEChemical Engineering Education
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However, the estrogens used in these studies were all standard-dose CEE or estradiol, and the progestogens were medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) or norethisterone acetate, which suppressed the favorable effects of estrogen than natural progesterone.
Among women in the control group, those using oral estradiol had slightly more cardiovascular risk factors than those using CEE, although age, body mass index, and the recency of HT initiation were similar among women using the two oral estrogens.
Pre-crisis profitability in the CEE region grew rapidly in relative terms and peaked in 2008 in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia; however, Moody's says that this trend was sharply curtailed in 2009 when subsidiary profitability plummeted close to the levels of their parents.
The accuser recently filed a police report claiming Cee Lo sexually assaulted her, although the alleged encounter occurred several months ago, the gossip website reported.
Cee Bee came back from as far down as ninth, next to last in the team standings during the eliminations, to contend in the five-man league event.
Commerzbank targets to boost the profitability of its CEE business and expects to register an operating profit from operations in the region of EUR350m (USD500.
Atlanta born and bred, Cee Lo, 36, is the son of two ordained preachers.
Under Mark Walsh, Captain Cee Bee took a little time to warm up yesterday, but quickened well to take control of the race after the second last and kept on well to beat front-running Archie Boy.
This paper focuses on FDI as an important factor facilitating the globalization process of CEE economies and stimulating economic growth in this region.
CEE cited the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for its information.
Inside Clinical Research-Central and Eastern Europe will be produced quarterly for 6000 professionals involved in clinical drug trials conducted in CEE.
92), while women taking CEE had an elevated risk (OR 1.