CEECTCentre for Editing Early Canadian Texts
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It was through this source that for over a year in 2012-2013 I followed the marketing of the CEECT edition of Kirby's novel that was issued in March 2012 by McGill-Queeris University Press as a paperback priced at $39.
It was willing to sell me the CEECT edition for "US$73.
In the case of CEECT, when I offered Carleton's Archives and Research Collections (ARC) the discs, hard drives, and magnetic tapes that the project had produced, they were refused on the ground that this repository did not collect such items.
A scholarly editor, or a book historian, or an aficionado of early English-Canadian literature presumably already knows something about the CEECT series.
Having put CEECT to bed, I am completing the volume on Bentley's role in shaping images of Great Britain's colonies in the nineteenth century.