CEEICentre Européen d'Entreprises et d'Innovation
CEEICenter for Environmental Education and Information (Sun Valley, ID)
CEEICommunications Environmental Excellence Initiative (USTA, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Bell Canada, US West)
CEEIConsolidated Edison Energy, Inc. (New York)
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These and other issues are being discussed at the CEEI 2014 on Monday, November 24, and Tuesday, November 25, 2014, by high-ranking representatives of other European central banks, commercial banks as well as speakers from international organizations, financial institutions, corporates and academia.
On the Continent, we are fortunate to be working with NanoAndMore GmbH, which sold a unit in Spain to CEEI in Barcelona, and another in Germany to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg.
Turning to the central topic of the CEEI 2013, Governor Nowotny argued that one of the crucial lessons to be learned from the crisis is the need of gaining a more comprehensive understanding of large longer-term swings in asset prices and credit growth a phenomenon commonly known as the financial cycle and their interlinkages with and effects on the real economy.
This mission should make it possible to boost the number of creative and innovative projects developed in the region covered by the CEEI Heracles GCT themes, e.