CEFICConseil Europeen des Federations de l'Industrie Chimique (French: European Chemical Industry Council; EDI)
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Furthermore, IPPIC and CEFIC argue that the allocation of the Belgian-proposed SP to a list of entries could imply that a technical name is always required for those entries.
The challenge for CEFIC, CEPE and other downstream organizations will be to persuade most of the EU member countries and the majority of parliament that REACH has to be modified to safeguard jobs and European industry.
CEFIC recognized this achievement with the award it has been presenting annually since 2004.
Both CEFIC and CEPE are in discussions with ECHA about how this might be done electronically.
REACH requires registrants to be in "legitimate possession or have permission to refer to data they use in their registration dossier," CEFIC noted.
While it admits that one third of the world's total energy consumption can be attributed to the chemical industry and that it is in the sector's interests to be as energy efficient as possible, CEFIC (the European Chemical Industry Council) points out that between 1990 and 2005 the European chemical industry reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% while increasing its activities by 50%.
According to the latest Chemicals trends report' published by CEFIC (the European Chemical Industry Council) (1), the sector showed a 2.
The CEFIC approach is based on the long term, since it has already announced a second sustainability report in 2014.
We need an answer from the Commission as to why environmental goals must cost up to 80 billion when other systems can attain the same goals at a much lower price," said Peter Botschek, energy manager at CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council.
CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) had claimed illegally cut-priced exports of this common polyol (which produces alkyd resins underpinning many coatings) from these countries had been damaging the economic health of EU producers.
However, CEFIC discovered that the restriction procedures under the two pieces of legislation were completely different and so required industry to request authorisation under both procedures.