CEFMContinuous External Fetal Monitoring (pregnancy)
CEFMCenter for Excellence in Financial Management
CEFMCertified Educational Facility Manager Program
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Capgemini's 2008 (17th Annual) survey reinforced the authors' CEFM conclusion about the criticality of data integration.
In our evaluation of CEFM test data and interviews with Columbus partners, we estimated administrative cost savings related to having better and more complete data sooner, normalizing those savings to $5.
Exhibit 4 shows quantitative benefits from the CEFM deployment test in three key areas: productivity, service quality, and data quality and availability.
Companies can measure the savings as a result of visibility technologies in a strikingly similar fashion to the experience in CEFM and the DEMDACO case study.
Our key guideline from the CEFM test was that integration of supply chain data into a company's operating systems is crucial to achieving benefits.
Documentation standards for use and management of fetal monitoring equipment: There were 95 episodes of CEFM.
In keeping with the NICE (2001) guidelines for the use of electronic fetal monitoring, CEFM should be offered only to high-risk pregnant women.
2005) revealed that women randomised to the LAT were more likely to have minor obstetric interventions like epidural analgesia, CEFM and FBS and concluded that there is no evidence supporting that the LAT is beneficial in low risk women.
Because CEFM is a screening tool, some form of verification of non-reassuring findings is required (Albers, 2001).
Working with existing partners, COL will identify priority communities with a high prevalence of CEFM and the skills needed to equip girls/women with education and skills training to enhance their livelihoods.
Expected Results: Through education and skills training for girls and already married girls, project activities aim to break the cycle of CEFM and help create enabling conditions for their sustainable livelihoods in select Commonwealth countries.