CEFRCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages
CEFRCenter for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights (animal rights; Coral Springs, FL)
CEFRChinese Experimental Fast Reactor (nuclear energy)
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The expected flow of work would be: Preparing the CEFR reactor core model; Performing 'blind' neutronics calculations independently; Comparison of the simulation results among participants against experimental data; Improving the physical models and simulation codes, and performing refined simulations; Publication of the benchmark results.
As regards the subjects' proficiency level, the CSE group used a textbook reaching the B1 level according to the CEFR (2001), while the NCSE group's course book covered up to the first half of the B2 level (Advanced Real English 4 and English File Third Edition Intermediate Plus, respectively; see the Works Cited section).
The guidelines of the CEFR and LOE in 2006 meant a change in the curriculum design for languages, which started in Spain in the academic year 2007-2008, offering a wider range of languages and more flexible courses, modules and levels.
The challenges we observed are not uncommon, as similar concerns have been raised in discussions of the CEFR, whose descriptors were developed by expert teachers (North, 1993; North & Schneider, 1998).
I strongly advise you measure your level using CEFR levels (CEFR Levels - The Common European Framework of Reference for languages) as these are now standard across Europe.
The ultimate aim is to establish whether the cultural learning taking place is appropriate and conducive to the development of intercultural communicative competence, as set out in the CEFR.
The Council finally published a manual that includes several standard setting methods applied to the CEFR (Council of Europe, 2009).
This text provides a comparative analysis of the influence of the CEFR in selected countries within and outside Europe.
RAFIC charts for the A1 band of the CEFR allowed the presenter to calculate the RAFIC quotient, a quantitative measure of student's oral performance on the qualitative aspects of spoken interaction.
The incident sparked alarm in Japan and South Korea over the prospect of radiation leaking from the CEFR.