CEFRChinese Experimental Fast Reactor (nuclear energy)
CEFRCenter for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights (animal rights; Coral Springs, FL)
CEFRCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages
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The CEFR distinguishes three stages of progressively competent language use described as basic user (referring to proficiency levels A1, A2), independent user (proficiency levels B1, B2) and proficient user (proficiency levels C1, C2).
Set longer terms goals like passing a specific CEFR level.
Students' resources also include CEFR mapping, which can help them see what they are expected to do, thereby instilling a sense of autonomy and independent learning.
Working with the aforementioned ACTFL, IRL and CEFR documents, and with further research models provided by the work of Byram and Zarate 1994, Seelye 1993, and Moran 2001 (see references), the discussion centered on the following breakdown: (1) Awareness, (2) Knowledge, (3) Behaviors and (4) Dispositions.
CEFR (2001: 87) enumerates several types of written mediation activities that can be used in foreign language teaching, such as: exact translation (e.
Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial, the sole Chinese company with nuclear-grade sodium production technology, has provided roughly 350 tons of nuclear-grade sodium for CEFR.
Students of the Finnish educational system generally enter the tertiary-level with a CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages) (38) B2-level skills in English, namely, that of an independent user.
As stated in the introduction, some of the principles underlying the competence-based approach are also found in CEFR (2001).
First, our research results challenge the presumption of CEFR 2001 (see 5.
The same report highlighted worrying safety lapses at the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) outside Beijing, which houses the CEFR.
By providing an evaluation of skills on the CEFR, the Passport Language Program helps students of all ages and languages realize their potential.
Uniquely mapped to the internationally recognized CEFR levels for language proficiency standards, microlearning is about achieving maximum benefits through minimal input," she added.