CEFRECCentro de Información y Realización Cinematográfica (Spanish: Center for Information and Film Making; Bolivia)
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Pivotal organizations such as CAIB (Indigenous Audiovisual Coordinator of Bolivia) founded by Jesus Tapia, CEFREC (Cinematography Education and Production Center) founded by Ivan Sanjines (son of Jorge Sanjines), and CLACPI (Latin American Film and Video Council of the Indigenous Peoples) carried the torch by providing professional and aspiring indigenous film and video makers with education, training and practice, as well as distribution services for their finished works--including providing battery-powered video projectors to communities lacking electricity.
Key works among the 100-plus produced thus far under the auspices of CEFREC and CAIB include: 1998's award-winning Qati Qati (Whispers of Death), La Nacion Clandestina (The Clandestine Nation) in 1989 and last year's Aymaranakan Sarawinakapa (Traditional Aymara Democracy).
At the invitation of CEFREC, Cardenas began to study video production.