CEFTACentral European Free Trade Agreement
CEFTACentral European Free-Trade Area
CEFTACentral European Free Trade Association
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The biggest foreign trade partner from the CEFTA region is Serbia, speaking in terms of the trade volume with Bosnia and Herzegovina with recorded increase in exports of 31.
Croatia was laggard in entering different FTAs compared to CEE countries, and hence, the motivation behind this paper is to explore whether membership in CEFTA and later in the EU brought benefits to Croatian trade.
In this article it is aimed to provide a short outlook of the successes recorded in the implementation of the Agreement, and the priorities determined by CEFTA Parties until 2020.
Within CEFTA, we have witnessed that B&H is exposed to competition of the imported agricultural products whose countries of origin are supplying subsidies to them.
Just one of the issues to be resolved is how to find a way to agree on lifting Belgrade's trade blockade of Kosovo, a matter about which there was some hope that a resolution could be achieved at a CEFTA meeting in early July.
The CEFTA, aimed to boost economic contacts afflicted by the disintegration of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA), was gradually joined by other countries of the former Eastern Bloc.
Adam et al (2003) explored the effectiveness of the CEFTA and BFTA.
In practice, CEFTA has replaced most of the 32 bilateral free trade agreements that existed between these nations--which included agreements to facilitate trade in cosmetics; it also established the diagonal accumulation of origin of goods--whereby all parts or ingredients made in any CEFTA country, when incorporated into a product, can be treated as a domestic product.
This is from the aspect that Macedonia and the others in the Balkans had to implement the rules of the CEFTA about barriers that seem to be emerging constantly and in different forms.
We also included the geographic distance between the countries, the existence of a common border and two other dummies: EU (indicating whether both countries belong to the European Union or not) and CEFTA (15) (that equals one if the two trading partners were members of CEFTA).
According to the empirical results, these countries should move towards a regional free-trade area as exemplified by the CEFTA and the BFTA to avoid "hub-and-spoke" effects.