CEGFCentre for Environmental and Geophysical Flows (University of Bristol; UK)
CEGFCentral European Growth Fund
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CEGF has 63 cold stores, mostly in France but also in Germany, Italy and the United States.
To counter the withdrawal of government purchases CEGF, for one, is building up business with private firms.
CEGF began seeking new customers a year ago, and its campaign is said to be going well.
Diversification of services is considered by CEGF and other major cold storage companies as essential for survival in the years ahead.
At its cold stores in central Brittany, CEGF provides an example of partnership with a major producer.
TFE, the largest French transporter of fresh food, and CEGF together formed the Groupe FELS to put at the disposal of both producers and distributors a network of smaller firms specializing in the frozen food logistics.
From a strategic standpoint, Houston is an excellent location from which to serve clients in the southwestern part of the country," said Jacques Fesq, CEGF chairman.
Through subsidiaries and associated companies, CEGF operates in nine countries and maintains more than 70 cold storage facilities boasting a total of 96-million cubic feet of cold storage space throughout the world.
This last one is among the directions CEGF is now stressing to meet customer demand.
As part of its commitment to improved service, CEGF has researched and installed equipment to increase productivity of low-temperature handling.
To make it easier for people to work in the cold, all CEGF pallet trucks have heated cabins.
Expansion of the CEGF group's position in Europe (especially West Germany and Spain) and the United States (Tampa and Houston).