CEGISCenter for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (Bangladesh)
CEGISCenter of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (Reston, VA)
CEGISCenter for Economic, Governance, and International Studies (Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education; National Academies; Washington, DC)
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Based on the NRC recommendations and other research needs for The National Map identified within the USGS, CEGIS established six short term inter-related research projects.
In 2009, CEGIS sponsored a Specialist Meeting on "Developing and Ontology for The National Map.
These datasets are accessible from a public server provided by CEGIS with a SPARQL endpoint (http://131.
Integrating spatial data sets from a wide range of sources presents a fundamental research challenge for The National Map and CEGIS research.
CEGIS research currently involves the study of precisely locating point geophysical data from pre-GPS era surveys using The National Map as a reference system (Shoberg et al.
CEGIS Research Symposium: GD12010: Generalization and Data Integration
A research volume based on the symposium is underway, to be co-edited by the three faculty affiliates to CEGIS (Professors Buttenfield, Brewer and Clarke).
CEGIS is conducting research that will transform the well-designed traditional paper topographic maps into an easy-to-use electronic, web-based, multipurpose utility for a variety of users.
One emphasis of the project is incorporation of generalized hydrography produced at The University of Colorado at Boulder, and collaboration between CEGIS, PSU, and CU has been closely coordinated.
The research activities of CEGIS will become increasingly relevant as we progress through the first decade of the 21st century.