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CEGRcooled exhaust gas recirculation
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CEGRComplements on Exploitation of Geo-Resources
CEGRCharge Exchange Giant Resonances
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The new excavators' diesel engines each achieve 100/160 net hp using Tier 4 Interim CEGR technology to burn cleaner, reduce fuel consumption and deliver superior horsepower.
He continued, "Because excavators run with little change to engine speed, CEGR technology was the best choice for efficiency and convenience.
Plus, the new CEGR solution will achieve lower operating costs, while also maintaining efficiency, performance, power and reliability.
Case selected CEGR technology as most appropriate for skid steers where the engine typically runs at a high RPM.
While typical CEGR systems lose fuel efficiency, we've actually increased fuel efficiency on our Case CX210C excavator by 10 percent over the previous B Series model.
We are fortunate in having access to the tremendous resources and experience in CEGR and SCR technologies of our strategic partners which include Fiat Powertrain Technologies, a pioneer in low emission systems.