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CEHCertified Ethical Hacker
CEHCentre for Ecology and Hydrology
CEHComisión Para el Esclarecimiento Histórico (Spanish: Commission for Historical Clarification; Guatemala)
CEHCard Enable High Byte
CEHCentral European History (journal)
CEHCommunity Eye Health (journal)
CEHCertified Executive Housekeeper (International Executive Housekeepers Association)
CEHCost Estimating Handbook (US NASA)
CEHComisión de Esclarecimiento Histórico
CEHContinuing Education Hour
CEHCentre for Environmental Health
CEHComplex Electronic Hardware
CEHCentre d'Entretien de l'Habitat (French: Housing Maintenance Center)
CEHCentre d'Etudes Historiques (French: Center for Historical Studies; various locations)
CEHCercle des Étudiants en Histoire (French: Circle of Students in History; Belgium)
CEHCentrale Emile Huchet (French coal mine)
CEHChina Entertainment Holdings (Sino Strategic International)
CEHConstruction Énergies Habitat (French: Habitat Construction Energy; Cailloux-sur-Fontaines, France)
CEHColorado Evidentiary Hearing
CEHChamp d'Energie Humain (French: Human Energy Field)
CEHConseil Études Habitat (French: Housing Studies Council; Pau, France)
CEHCertified Environmental Hygienist (Indoor Air Quality)
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These companies have known for years that BPA is a serious health threat, yet too many of their food cans still contain this dangerous chemical," explains Caroline Cox, Research Director at CEH, in the report.
Again, a CEH is the answer--the hub allows you to plug in new interaction methods and devices without creating new silos, frustrating customer experiences, and perpetual integration projects.
There is no need to waste any time and instantly get the admission to any of the certified course like CEH Certification training, which is beneficial for all.
On this basis the CEH explains why the vast majority of the victims of the acts committed by the State were not combatants in guerrilla groups, but civilians," it added.
A pesar de que la Universidad de Chile entro en un periodo critico en los anos setenta, agudizado durante la intervencion militar, el CEH continuo en expansion.
In both the REMHI and CEH experiences, the inclusion of gender in the reports was not a given.
Tanto el CEH como Synthesis ofrecen la posibilidad de desarrollar todas las lineas de investigacion que, partiendo de las propuestas primeras de la antiguedad griega, se proyecten a las mas diversas posibilidades de estudio, asi como a las mas imaginativas propuestas de acciones que se puedan desarrollar en su ambito.
The CEH says that, in the municipality of Chajul, where the Gumarcaj Task Force was stationed, 26 villages were totally or partially destroyed, 10 massacres occurred, 317 unarmed civilians were killed, and 9,000 people were displaced.
CEH, ilk kez Cockayne tarafIndan 1920'de tanimlanan otozomal dominant gecisli bir progresif diafizyel displazi durumudur (1).
The oil and aviation industries need to know Californians will not tolerate lead pollution that threatens our health and healthy environments," said Michael Green, executive director of CEH.
The safest bet, according to CEH, would be cloth bags: Not only are they usually free of lead or any other potentially hazardous substances, but they also last for years and are easy to wash.
While northern parts of the UK experienced "plentiful" rain last month - with Scotland recording its wettest May on record - most of it did not reach central and eastern England, compounding the previous two dry months, CEH said.