CEHCCounter Explosive Hazard Center (United States Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO)
CEHCChick Embryo Heart Cells
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CEHC led several initiatives to increase the capabilities of route reconnaissance and clearance teams, including operational testing of the GYROCAM, prototype integration and testing for the CROWS, and prototype testing for the Buffalo RPG cage.
This caused the CEHC to examine its courses and make changes to assist commanders in the predeployment training of their Soldiers.
During its deployment, the 766th EHCC maintained contact with the CEHC and worked with it to continue to refine doctrinal concepts for both route clearance operations and the EHCC itself.
Since 1996, CEHC has earned eighteen DoD and Army awards.
Bring CEHC training courses (Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Course [R2C2], Mine Detection Dog [MDD] Course, etc.
The Laboratory for Molecular Environmental Chemistry is a collaboration between the CEHC, led by Director Philip J.
A key task for CEHC is training and updating the force in current counter explosive hazards techniques and employment of commercial off-the-shelf and contingency equipment.
To ensure that the training is up to date and relevant, the CEHC gathers the latest intelligence on explosive hazards tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) employed by the enemy as well as TTP developed by deployed units to counter that threat.
The EOCA Course, which is transitioning from 6 weeks to 4 weeks, will be located in the new CEHC facility.
The CEHC is fully engaged in a surge of counter IED training, preparing deploying forces for Iraq and Afghanistan.
It seemed appropriate to Fort Leonard Wood officials to dedicate the CEHC facility, which is "designed to find solutions to the most prolific and dangerous threat to our Army," (2) to SFC Smith, "who epitomizes everything we look up to in a Soldier, sapper, and leader and who all of the Engineer Regiment looks up to as a hero.