CEHECentre for Environmental Health Equity (Canada)
CEHECenterpoint Energy Houston Electric (Houston, TX)
CEHECentre for Environmental Health Engineering (UK)
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The revision in the Rating Outlook at CEHE is driven by the removal of the risk related to a potentially unfavorable decision in the stranded-cost litigation, which Fitch had highlighted as a rating concern in the past.
The consideration of a positive rating action for CEHE is tied to the outcome of the pending stranded cost litigation.
Fitch's rating concerns for CEHE include rising operating costs during a base rate freeze that extends to mid-2010 and during such time that rate relief is approved, and the potential for an unfavorable decision in the stranded cost litigation.
Ratings of CEHE are supported by credit ratios consistent with a 'BBB' lower risk utility as a transmission and distribution utility that has no commodity price risk or provider of last resort obligations.
CERC and CEHE are undertaking capital expansion projects in an environment of rising labor and material costs.
CEHE provides electricity to approximately 2 million customers in the Houston area.
Importantly, CEHE has established a two-year committed backstop credit facility to cover the maturity of a $1.
CEHE first applied for non-profit status with the Department in the fall of 2012.
The bonds will also be secured by a pledge of CEHE general mortgage bonds.
3 billion secured term loan at CEHE, and bank debt at CNP.
The balance of MDU's earnings were derived from CEHE, a direct wholly owned subsidiary of MDU which serves as the primary investment vehicle for MDU's portfolio of diversified businesses.
Under the holding company structure adopted by CNP (senior unsecured rated 'BBB-' by Fitch), CEHE is a second-tier operating subsidiary of CNP, operating as a pure T&D electric utility.