CEHRCommission for Equality and Human Rights (UK)
CEHRCenter for Ecological Health Research (University of California, Davis; US EPA)
CEHRCommittee on Education and Human Resources
CEHRCenter for Ethics and Human Rights
CEHRCorps of Engineer Directorate of Human Resources
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According to the 2007 CBI/Pertemps Employment Trends Survey, over two thirds (68%) of employers think clear and simple guidance should be the first priority for the CEHR.
CEHR Wales is a non-departmental public body (NDPB), whose purpose is to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination and protect human rights.
Are CEHR claiming that they've stumbled across a hitherto unknown complication with the Welsh language?
The appointment of Ms Bennett as director in Wales and of Neil Wooding, the former EOC Commissioner, as CEHR Commissioner for Wales, has also led to fears that the EOC strand will be seen as more important in the new Commission's work.
In a statement, a CEHR spokesman said the comments were not meant to cause offence.
Perhaps even more worrying in the longer term is the other cause for concern - that the priorities of the CEHR will focus on the agenda of the former Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), rather than the strands covering race, disability and sexual orientation.
The CEHR replaced the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), the Disability Rights Commission and Equal Opportunities Commission.
The Government intends to establish the CEHR (Commission for Equality and Human Rights) in October 2007.
Advertisements with phrasing along the lines of 'graduated in the last five years' will attract the ire of the CEHR.
As key social partners in Wales, we will seek to influence the strategy and work programme of the CEHR to ensure the interests of working people are at its heart.
Provide the new CEHR with the powers to police effective implementation of the new employment rights
I suspect that the intense pressure on everyone concerned with CEHR to get at least most things in place for the launch in October means that only problems that demand attention will be addressed.