CEIFC2 (Command and Control) Enterprise Integration Facility
CEIFClean Energy Investment Framework (development banking)
CEIFCouncil of European Industrial Federations
CEIFChurch Extension Investors Fund (Oakbrook Terrace, IL)
CEIFComponent Equipment Index File
CEIFComponent Equipment Identification File
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Post CEIF, the company showcased its latest Graphic printing products and concepts at the bi-annual Media Expo- India's premier event for Media & Advertising industry.
Although CEIF has focused mainly on the power sector, work has extended to other sectors such as transport, where there are opportunities to tackle development and mitigation together.
The FICF Committee may approve one grant per province based on quality of the proposal to establish CEIF.
Estudios micromorfologicos y anatomicos de la Iamina foliar, la espiguilla y los antecios: Las muestras de Iaminas foliares, espiguillas, bracteas y antecios--para las observaciones con los microscopios optico "MO" (Instituto de Ciencias Naturales) y electronico de barrido "MEB" (Direccion Academica CEIF de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota)--se obtuvieron de material seco de herbario.
CEIF Clean Energy for Development Investment Framework
CEIF further seeks to consider climate change, current and future, as an essential part of development planning through a climate risk management approach that seeks to deal with current climate risks and opportunities while considering projected climate trends.
CEIF has maintained affiliations and strategic relationships with international as well as local financial institutions and trade and industry to align its offerings to the emerging needs.
Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Director IMSciences represented CEIF IMSciences and Prof.
Director CEIF, Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, in his vote for thanks featured the contribution IBA CEIF where it has proposed several professional courses, is documenting a country report on Islamic Finance Sector of Pakistan and is on the start of unveiling an MS program in Islamic Finance.
We'd been expecting the Japanese giant to make a series of announcements at CEIF 2013, since last week.
Adaptation-related activity by the World Bank has increased from only about 10 projects and technical assistance and advisory activities before the CEIF to about 40 projects (loan and grant) in 30 countries and 25 technical assistance advising activities.
Ishrat Husain, Professor Emeritus, Chairman CEIF and former dean of IBA, Karachi.