CEIMCCoupled Electron Ion Monte Carlo
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Dr Hibah Shata, Managing Director of CEIMC said: "Inclusive education is about the child's right to participate and the school's duty to accept the child.
gt; The CEIMC will organise the 6th Annual Walk for Autism on April 26 at Zabeel Park
Like Daana, there are 70 other children with developmental delays who are being subjected to the Applied Behaviourial Analysis (ABA) at CEIMC, 15 of whom have already been integrated into mainstream schools.
Early diagnosis and intervention can help children with autism integrate in regular schools, said Carolina Tovar, executive director of CEIMC, speaking to Gulf News.
The managing director and co-founder of CEIMC and CLEMC Dr Hibah Shata said: "Schools and teachers a decisive role in the development of children and they should make sincere efforts to ensure that kids grow up normally.