CEJACouncil on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (AMA)
CEJAConseil Européen des Jeunes Agriculteurs (European Council of Young Farmers)
CEJACentre d'Études Juridiques Appliquées (French: Center for Applied Legal Studies)
CEJACentro Editorial Javeriano
CEJACouncil of Ethical and Judicial Affairs (American Medical Association)
CEJACommittee for Environmental Justice Action
CEJACommonwealth Environmental Journalists Association
CEJACentaurea Jacea (brownray knapweed)
CEJACommittee to Elect Jimenez for Action (Los Angeles, CA)
CEJACentre d'Études Japonaise d'Alsace (French: Japanese Studies Center of Alsace; Alsace, France)
CEJAChambre Belge des Experts Chargés de Missions Judiciaires et d'Arbitrage (French: Belgian Chamber of Experts in Charge of Missions and Judicial Arbitration; Belgium)
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The Cejas are part of a small group of Mexican Americans who have gone from picking the vines to owning them.
To help the new generation of Latinos shatter the wineglass ceiling, the Cejas have joined 12 other families to found the Napa Sonoma Mexican-American Vintners Association.
The CEJA has found a compromise that we can all live with.
In the report, the CEJA said it recognized that it could have looked more broadly at conflict of interest issues, but decided to focus on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device company sponsorship of continuing medical education.
CEJA member Robert Sade, MD, an outspoken advocate of changing the current system and favors conducting an organ donor financial incentives trial, noted that the current "opt-in" organ donation system is difficult to administer and an "opt-out" system would not be any less so.
CEJA chair Michael Goldrich said at a press conference that the committee would also study other ways to change the current system including mandated choice which would require all people to declare their intention to donate, or not, when getting their driver's license.
The UK has a total of six representatives at CEJA, with Ireland having additional seats.
The issues CEJA addresses in its reports and opinions are chosen in a number of ways: the House of Delegates can vote to require CEJA to report on some issue; a biannual open forum allows any member or other person to raise and discuss topics; members of CEJA can raise a topic; or the support staff, which includes lawyers, physicians, and career ethicists, may suggest issues to CEJA.
As the organizational tool that the AMA uses to censure and expel members for unethical conduct, CEJA also provides "due process" for disciplinary actions.
The controversial CEJA report offering ethical guidance on how to manage potential conflicts of interest associated with industry funding of continuing medical education was referred back to the council for further revisions.
Until we know more, people should have to agree in order to get the possible benefit of this that they will not drop out of the study," added Herbert Rakatansky, MD, CEJA chair.
After some debate, delegates adopted a CEJA recommendation that children and adults labeled incompetent not be allowed to participate in xenotransplant clinical trials unless they are terminally ill or have no other treatment options.