CEJLCollected Essays Journalism and Letters (of George Orwell)
CEJLCoalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
CEJLCorpus of English by Japanese Learners
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36 See CEJL IV, 502, where Orwell denies that the novel is uncompromisingly pessimistic: "I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will arrive, but I believe .
These shortcomings aside, CEJL performed several valuable functions, reinstating material and also going some way to contextualizing the essays.
Placed at the beginning of CEJL, "Why I Write" functions as a statement of intent, a manifesto seemingly adhered to in what follows.
Writing in 1947 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the paper, Orwell mentions first hearing of Tribune in 1939 ("As I Pleased" CEJL IV 276).
In the libraries where commentators went to prime themselves it was one of the most sought after periodicals" ("As I Pleased" CEJL IV 278).
Where a cited essay does not appear in CEJL the page reference refers to the periodical in which the essay was published.
3 A footnote in CEJL I: 195 mentions the critical letter written by New English Weekly reader C.