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CEKACenter for Environmental Kinetics Analysis (Pennsylvania State University; University Park, PA)
CEKACyril E. King Airport (US Virgin Islands)
CEKAComputer Engineered Knowledge Applications (CeKA Consultants; 1987)
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The prognosis of Ceka Preci Sagix attachment system is excellent because of its rigidity of support mechanism and design.
33) Besir Ceka, "The Perils of Political Competition: Explaining Participation and Trust in Political Parties in Eastern Europe," Comparative Political Studies 46:12 (2013): 1611.
On October 19th his host (Alexander Kunikov whose "crime" being that he had fought for the "Whites") was visited by the Ceka, and for a week Esenin himself was in prison.
The German had been at the helm of tools distributor Ceka Works Ltd -- last year renamed Carl Kammerling International -- for well over three decades, only stepping down from his day-to-day role less than 12 months ago.
Interior Minister Neritan Ceka claimed the attackers came from neighbouring Yugoslavia and sought to destabilize Albania.
The University of Malaya's Department of Anthropology and Sociology also had an active student research programme among Semang communities (Batek and Jahai) during the 1970s, resulting in several "graduation exercises" (mini-theses), for example, in 1973: (i) Saidah binti Haji Ridzuan's "Sistem Kepercayaan Orang-orang Bateq Ndong di Sungei Ceka, Pahang [The Belief System of the Batek Nong of the Ceka River, Pahang]" and (ii) Ahmad Salludin bin Yeop Mat Dali's "Sistem Kekeluargaan Orang Batek Sungai Cheka, Kuala Lipis, Pahang [The Kinship System of the Batek People of the Cheka River, .
He shaped the Ceka interrogation scenes as the encapsulating action into which other episodes were woven as a series of flashbacks.
They are: Tobepal, a Spanish manufacturer of packaging film; Elbicon, a Belgian manufacturer of an automated laser-based green coffee sorting system, and Ceka International, a Swedish company with a tradition of providing the avant-garde in upscale packaging.
Vypocet lokalniho multiplikatoru postupem navrzenym organizaci New Economics Foundation je zatim novou metodou, ktera teprve ceka na sve sirsi uplatneni.
Pomerne odvazne prohlaseni Rijada Asa'da (nema pres vzdalenou podobnost vlastniho jmena nic spolecneho s prezidentskym klanem) stojiciho v cele uskupeni zvaneho Svobodna syrska armada ze zari 2011 neprekvapuje, je vsak bohuzel prislibem pokracujicich, gradujicich a pravdepodobne jeste krvavejsich boju v Syrske arabske republice: "Pad Asadova rezimu bude rychlejsi, nez si dovedete predstavit, a prezidenta ceka osud plukovnika Kaddafiho.
Neritan Ceka stated during a television appearance (Opinion Show, December 2007), that the country had already reached its political maturity and did not need to be babysat by organizations such as OSCE.
Umjesto uobicajenih definicija roda, kulture ili prirode, citatelja ovdje ceka podrucje gdje se stvari objasnjavaju prije svega umrezenjima, metaforizacijama i kontekstualizacijama unutar cjelokupnoga sklopa kulture.