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In the closing session of the CELAC summit, the region's leaders agreed, at the start of their declaration, to "reaffirm our strong determination to eradicate extreme poverty, hunger, and inequality in the region.
Chile holds the pro-tempore Presidency of CELAC till January 2013.
The representatives who were present expressed hope that the consolidation of CELAC could entail the liberation of the Latin American countries from the traditional guardianship of the U.
The inaugural CELAC meeting allowed the Mexican president the type of visibility he sought ahead of the two concurrent regional meetings scheduled for Merida on Dec.
2) in the participation of the Caribbean in CELAC, and
At the BRICS summits, Brazil pushed agendas for the Latin America region and was a key force behind the creation of CELAC and UNASUR in Latin America.
Costa Rica was then occupying the yearly rotating CELAC presidency (NotiCen, Jan.
Historian Daniel Ezcurra says that Kirchner placed Argentina "into a new architecture of regional integration - with sovereignty being a key element - which is another one of Nestor Kirchner's important legacies, with the creation of the UNASUR and CELAC regional blocs".
Cuban President Raul Castro inaugurated the summit calling a model of regional and international cooperation between CELAC states.
The CELAC, established in December 2011 in Caracas, comprises 33 countries of the western hemisphere with the exception of the United States and Canada.
In recent years, the country has focused on bolstering its regional relationships through membership in CARICOM, UNASUR, and CELAC.
I am sure they are already changing under Pena Nieto's administration," she said, noting that an encounter between Mexico's new leader and Cuban President Raul Castro during January's CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summit in Chile went very well.