CELCORCentre for Environmental Law and Community Rights (Papua New Guinea)
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The Harvard-trained Ria assumed her CELCOR and FCVC jobs at the height of the energy crisis that occurred in the early 1990s.
2013, however, had been another challenging year for CELCOR and FCVC in terms of maintaining the electric supply.
It is gratifying to note, that despite the past natural and man-made calamities, CELCOR and FCVC and for that matter Cabanatuan City remained standing, back to form and even turned stronger to forge ahead.
Remarkable too was: during the same year (2013), while the rest of the country was reeling from the damaging impact of successive super typhoons and electric consumers in various regions, including Metro Manila, were complaining about the increase in their power rates, ironically, their fellow electric consumers in Cabanatuan were enjoying a decrease in CELCOR power rates.
With the MOA, CELCOR was able to buy electricity from TLI on a fixed price.
The firm saved CELCOR consumers from the skyrocketing power rates from September to December when Luzon experienced increase in WESM rates, she said.