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CELTCorpus of Electronic Texts (Ireland)
CELTCentre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (Lancaster University, UK)
CELTCentre for English Language Teaching (Stirling, Scotland)
CELTCenter for Engineering Learning and Teaching
CELTCalifornia Extremely Large Telescope
CELTCrypto Equipment for Low-Speed Telegraphy
CELTConsolidated Entry Level Training
CELTCoherent Emitter Location Techniques
CELTCognitive Emotional Linguistic Training
CELTCompagnie Europeenne Loisirs et Tourisme (French: European Leisure and Tourism Company)
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For the Celts, however, the goose was a symbol connected with war.
In ANTIQUITY a year ago, Vincent & Ruth Megaw found a useful parallel between the multiple definitions of the ancient Celts, as it can be seen from varied sources, and the several ways an individual's ethnic identity is seen and defined in the contemporary world.
The peg was an impending Wales-Italy international with Celts v Romans providing an inviting comparison for Wales v Italy and red harness fittings going nicely with red rugby jerseys.
And when Mandalus Thyme's foal died on Saturday Mrs Roberts of Llanddona, near Beaumaris gave the sanctuary a call after reading about Celt in the Daily Post.
Bydd y rhaglen hanner awr yn cynnwys rhai o hoff ganeuon ffans Celt gan gynnwys `Dros Foroedd Gwyllt', `Dwi'n Amau Dim' a'r clasur `Rhwng Bethlehem a'r Groes'.
Although Grange had a lot of possession, the Police had plenty of chances and held the Celts off.
The Arabian Celts Ladies A and B teams will be taking part in the ladies draw and the combined Arabian Celts/Qatar G team will take part in the Hurling competition.
Many of today's Halloween traditions derive from the Pagan practices of the Celts.
Mike Daniels scored twice for Dragons before the break, with Steffan Parry, Paul Jones and Dylan Roberts adding further scores and just one reply from Celts to give a half-time score of 32-10.
With star player Tom Herrity waiting in the wings, a tricky-looking fixture against Celts A turned out to be surprisingly comfortable for the Brit Club.
While there were people known to the Romans and Greeks as Celts, this was not a continent-wide culture.
TEES Valley Mohawks kept the pressure on the teams around them with an 81-69 victory over Cardiff Celts.